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Sketching Your Brand on Retail


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The Story Starts

In 1991, we launched The Group of Zia Associates and changed the face of retail advertising in Pakistan. As the pioneers in this market, we worked with top multinational FMCG brands making their way into our newly globalizing economy.

We started the trend of using custom-built and strategically designed merchandising and communication tools to gain a competitive edge where it matters most: the retail store.

Going Beyond Borders: Display Power_trans

In 2012, we selected Display Power as our export wing. In a short time, we've connected with leading brands around the world and established a reputation for award-worthy designs.

Local Knowledge, International Sensibility

Display Power relies on a core team of highly skilled, case-hardened professionals who posses an intimate knowledge of local markets but a design sensibility that has international appeal. Wherever your market is, we can help your brand sell better.