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Dettol Corrugated rack


Dettol Corrugated Rack

  • Low in cost and high in product carrying capacity and visibility.
  • Made in corrugated craft paper material.
  • Outer layer is in ‘Art card’ material and printed in 4- colours.
  • Making it very visible and enhances brands presence.
  • To avoid contact with moisture the bottom potion has plastic strip protection.
  • Can carry products and brand colour on the top and the bottom of the rack.
  • Placement: A+, A, B+ and B type trades, inside the shop.
  • M.O.Q: 1000 pcs Production position: Molds and dies 100% ready …. Can start production at a short notice.


  • Enhances the brands visibility
  • helps generate impulse purchase which, in case of beverages is very important.
  • Helps enhance sales as well as brand awareness.
  • BRAND: Dettol
  • COMPANY: Reckitt Benckiser